WP 2C; analysis of enzymatically modified starch

Monique Ebbelaar

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ALIFE:The “as eaten” method to measure the Total Dietary Fibre content was implemented at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (WP 4). The enzymatic treatment with the GtfB enzyme clearly resulted in an increased fibre content of starch from 1.6% to approx. 20% (fig A). When using this modified starch (“as eaten” treated) in an incubation with colon bacteria we see a similar pattern as when using FOS and GOS (fig B). The qPCR results indicate a significant stimulation of the growth of gut bacteria by the GtfB modified starch, as shown by the relative increase of Bacteroides and to a lesser extent Lactobacilli (fig.C). The prebiotic effect remains to be evaluated.
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StatusPublished - 16 apr. 2012
EvenementSymposium Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC) - Hampshire Plaza, Groningen, Netherlands
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ConferenceSymposium Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC)
Periode26/04/12 → …
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