Virtual organizational space

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Although virtual reality has become increasingly important for architectural science, applications combined with organizational science and agent technology remain scarce, but very promising. The current richness of virtual reality allows stakeholders of organizations to glance at various possible future states of the organization, in terms of a virtual building and agent behavior within it, and decide where interventions in their plans for the future may be appropriate. Therefore, virtual worlds may be regarded as an instrument which has the latent power to improve the real world of designers of organizational space. This paper seeks to assess to what extent virtual worlds actually add value to such real-world design processes.
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TitelResearch in interactive design
Subtitelproceedings of Virtual Concept 2006
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StatusPublished - 2006
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EvenementVirtual Concept international conference 2006 - Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico
Duur: 26 nov 20061 dec 2006


ConferenceVirtual Concept international conference 2006
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