Validation of the Dutch version of the transplant effects questionnaire in liver transplant recipients

Coby Annema, Petrie Roodbol, Roy Stewart, A.V. Ranchor

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Little is known about the extent to which transplant recipients face emotional problems with the receipt of a transplanted organ. The Transplant Effects Questionnaire (TxEQ) enables the quantification of these problems. This study evaluates the psychometric properties of the Dutch translation of the TxEQ (TxEQ-NL) in a group of liver transplant recipients. Confirmatory factor analyses of the TxEQ-NL revealed an adequate fit with the original version. However, four items showed factor loadings <.40. Internal consistency was acceptable (.66-.79). The small correlations between the TxEQ-NL and generic measures of psychological functioning indicated that the constructs measured are related but distinguishable. Therefore, the TxEQ-NL adds a new dimension to the measurement of psychological functioning of transplant recipients.
Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)203-215
TijdschriftResearch in nursing and health
StatusPublished - 2013



  • levertransplantatie
  • psychologische aspecten

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