Urgent and utopian: the horizontal transferential space of to seminar

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'To Seminar' was an exhibition-as-seminar that unfolded through a series of exhibitionary, performative and discursive gatherings at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht during spring 2017 taking Roland Barthes' seminal text To Seminar as a starting point. A series of three public gatherings was part of the program, each departing from one of the three seminar constituents: Institution, Transference, and Text. The conversation on Transference took place between Marquard Smith, Tiong Ang and Rene Francisco and was moderated by Margo Slomp. In her report she critically reflects on the issues debated and insights discussed. The evening proved to be an exploration (and perhaps demonstration) of both the importance and the impossibility of horizontal transference.
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TitelMetropolis M Books
RedacteurenHenk Slager, Annette W. Balkema
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StatusPublished - jul. 2017
EvenementTo Seminar: FutureVocabularies/InstitutingOtherwise/Seminar - BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, Netherlands
Duur: 10 mrt. 201721 mei 2017


ExhibitionTo Seminar
Verkorte titelTo Seminar
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