Trust in international joint venture relationships

Margreet Francina Boersma, Pervez N. Ghauri

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    International joint ventures (IJVs) are frequently stated to be increasingly popular but with significant managerial dissatisfaction in their operations (Madhok, 1995a). Therefore, a great deal of attention has been paid to the performance of IJVs (e.g. Contractor and Lorange, 1988; special issue of JIBS no. 5, 1996; Hyder and Ghauri, 2000). Particular emphasis has been placed on the dynamic processes within IJVs, including conflict resolution strategies (Lin and Germain, 1997) and the development of trust between the partners (Parkhe, 1993b; Madhok, 1995b; Ariño and Torre, 1996).
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    TitelThe challenge of international business
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    StatusPublished - 1 jan. 2004


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