Towards effective dietary counseling: a scoping review

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The aim of this scoping review was to identify and map available evidence concerning counseling strategies that contribute to effective DC.

Following the PRISMA SCR-Scoping Reviews Statement and Checklist, a systematic search in electronic databases was performed in March 2020.

Synthesis of recurring themes in the 28 included studies revealed seven core counseling strategies that effectively contribute to DC: 1) connecting to motivation, 2) tailoring the modality of DC, 3) providing recurring feedback, 4) using integrated dietetic support tools, 5) showing empathy, 6) including clients’ preferences, wishes, and expectations during decision-making, and 7) dietitians having high self-efficacy.

Multiple counseling strategies contributing to effective DC have been identified and mapped. The counseling strategies identified seem to interrelate, and their conceived interrelatedness reveals that strategies can both compliment or contrast each other. Therefore, advancing effective DC requires further development towards an integrated approach to DC that includes combinations of strategies that form a unified whole.

Practical implications
Insights from this scoping review provide a foundation for dietitians to effectively carry out DC and serve as a starting point to further work towards effective DC.
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