Towards an Integrated Positive Energy District Landscape: technical and financial analysis for a case study in the Northern Netherlands

Adrian Figueroa Flores, Esperance Mfurakazi, Livia Tonu, Alexander van Spyk, Edwin Feringa, Ifigeneia Psarra

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This research study applied the Integrated Energy Landscape Approach and the Ecosystem Services Framework in order to formulate a pre-proposal for a Positive Energy District in the Hoogkerk Zuid neighborhood in Groningen, the Netherlands. The proposed interventions are sufficient to cover the energy usage of the district, while an energy surplus is generated. The pre-proposal has been developed within a participatory process, organized by the authors in close collaboration with key local stakeholders. The identification of the local ecosystem services served as a crucial starting point for this study, while it also provided the transparent information base for analyzing the subsequent trade-offs and synergies derived by the proposed energy transition interventions. Then, a sustainable business case model has been developed based on this Positive Energy District pre-proposal. The main outcome of the model lies within the value creation through cost savings from foregoing traditional energy sources and sale of electricity to the grid, but also through including the economic value of ecosystem services and synergies when integrating the Renewable Energy Technologies. Beyond the local case, the findings lay the groundwork for more systematic studies on merging the methodologies of Positive Energy District development, the Ecosystem Framework and the Integrated Energy Landscape approach. Finally, by adding the benefits of ecosystem services and synergies as a significant contributor in the financial analysis and decision making process, this study opens the door for a new approach of valuing sustainable projects.
Originele taal-2English
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TijdschriftEcosystem Services
StatusIn preparation - 2022


  • business case model van duurzaamheid
  • energietransitie
  • positieve energiewijk
  • geïntegreerd energielandschap
  • co-creatie
  • waardering van ecosysteemdiensten


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