Towards a Museum of Mutuality: Editorial

V. Belia, R.L. Buikema, R.L.L. Wevers, Margriet Schavemaker, Emilie Sitzia

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Engendering integration while acknowledging differences is one of the biggest challenges facing museums globally today. Institutions must reconceptualize the relationship between their collections and the engagement with (new and diverse) audiences at all levels. In response, there has been a shift in the museum model, both theoretically and on the level of institutional arrangements, from the museum as a site of authority to the post-museum as a site of mutuality.[1] The act of curating at its most basic is about connecting different concepts and cultures, and bringing their elements into proximity with each other in order to create innovative ways of seeing that counter social injustice and promote equity on all possible levels. Beyond the museum as “contact zone,”[2] and following Terry Smith, the curatorial turn is interested in exploring new contexts and relationships, and working with an artifact’s ability to reveal hidden knowledge.[3] Museums have become spaces for knowledge creation as well as agents of social regeneration and vehicles of broad social change.
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TijdschriftStedelijk studies
Nummer van het tijdschrift#8
StatusPublished - 18 jun. 2019
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