Tinkering sustainability performance: about the what, why and how of sustainable development and the circular economy

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Prutsenderwijs Duurzaam Presteren: Over het Wat, Waarom en Hoe van Duurzame Ontwikkeling en de Circulaire Economie

Egbert Dommerholt

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    Currently, we are experiencing exciting and challenging times, some even dare speak of a 4th industrial revolution. Within let’s say less than one century we will have run out of oil and other vital resources just to mention one thing. Climate change is another major challenge, as is social iniquity. The gap between the haves and have-nots is increasing, especially within countries. Population size is increasing rapidly and has reached unprecedented levels already, and as if that is not enough population size is will continue to rise for decades to come.
    If you hear about these and other ‘challenging’ issues, or when discussing them with your friends or otherwise, you might easily get hit by a hammer called depression. My suggestion would not to get depressed, because as the saying goes: ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. The challenges were are facing do need urgent attention, but they also offer opportunities like never before. Capitalism as we have known it ever since the industrial revolution started in the mid-1700s, is on its decline. This means that the alleged certainties we have built our economies have proven to be quick sand resulting in social and environmental dire straits.

    We need to realize that things will never be the same anymore. Business as usual is no longer a valid and viable option. This applies to the business sector, but to -for example- the educational, government and banking sector well. We must make a transition towards a circular and sustainable economy if we don’t want to compromise current and future generations to meeting their social, ecological and economic needs. At the same time we need to move away from a financial value or shareholder oriented economy to focusing on societal value creation. Not just shareholders matter, but all stakeholders must be taken into account. Goodbye exclusive economy, hello inclusive economy.
    We need to focus on what really matters, and need not only know the price, but also the value of what matters. That is quite a journey, because we will encounter and have to deal with issues and challenges we never encountered and dealt with before. We will have to overcome obstacles and create new opportunities, and we will have to learn to unlearn. This book may be a helpful tool on that journey.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdragePrutsenderwijs Duurzaam Presteren: Over het Wat, Waarom en Hoe van Duurzame Ontwikkeling en de Circulaire Economie
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    StatusPublished - 15 aug. 2020


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