The project developer 2.0

Martin Stijnenbosch

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Large structural changes are occurring in our society at this very moment. This has some large consequences for project development. According to Rudy Stroink, project development is on the brink of a system. The new style developer has to adapt to a new earning model. The golden ages are over. Private and collective commissioning are the beginning of a period in which the user will want to direct its own environment. The developer has to adapt if he wants to survive. Durability, long term profit, flexible office concepts and private and collective commissioning for houses will have to help the real-estate sector. This article will show the developments that caused this situation.
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Pagina's (van-tot)41-46
TijdschriftB.O.S.S. magazine: bouwmanagement & vastgoedbeheer
StatusPublished - 2012


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