The Issue of Aerodynamics in Wind Energy

Bernhard Stoevesandt, Gerard Schepers, Yuping Sun, Peter Fuglsang

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Wind turbine aerodynamics remains to be a central field in the development of wind turbines. It comprises several aspects, and methods to be understood really make the best use of it in today’s wind turbine and wind farm development. This chapter gives an overview of all aspects in wind energy aerodynamics covered within this book and the reasons why these aspects are covered. This way it already gives an overview for developers on all the issues wind turbine might face, when dealing with topics related to wind turbine aerodynamics.
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TitelHandbook of Wind Energy Aerodynamcis
RedacteurenB. Stoevesandt, G. Schepers, P. Fuglsang, S. Yuping
UitgeverijSpringer Nature Switzerland AG
ISBN van elektronische versie978-3-030-05455-7
ISBN van geprinte versie978-3-030-05455-7
StatusPublished - 21 jan. 2022


  • aërodynamica
  • windenergie


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