The influence of facility management on detainees

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Purpose – This paper aims to explore the influence of Facility management (FM) on detainee behaviour and responsiveness. The expected outcome of this research is that FM can contribute to the re-socialization by actively using facility design and detainee activities to positively influence their social behaviour.
Design / methodology / approach – This current explorative study has been qualitative in nature, including desk research, literature study in relation to healing environment, walk through, observations and interviews with prison managers and facility staff. For this study, a comparison has been made between two correctional institutions. One correctional institution is situated in a rural setting with a building design dating from the early 20th century. The second building is located in an urban area and dates back to the 1990s.
Findings - This study shows that there is little to no sources found which describes how FM can actually contribute and add value to rehabilitation of detainees. From the literature study, the observations and exploratory interviews, the conclusion is that FM influences the behaviour of people. Further research could contribute to this emerging area in FM.
Practical implications – At this moment the Custodial Institution - Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (DJI) - is developing a master plan which will lead to a reassessment of the housing policy within DJI. Initially, DJI will have to formulate a new definition of the minimum level of humane detention in relation to FM.
Originality / value – This study may support DJI in the upcoming organizational change. It will provide DJI with the opportunity to perform additional research in order to deliver to society evidence on the influence and impact of FM on detainees.
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