The heritage of captains on Wadden Sea islands: valuation by laypersons on three spatial levels

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Erfgoed van commandeurs op de Waddeneilanden: waardering van erfgoed op drie ruimtelijke niveaus

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Ameland, a Dutch Wadden Sea island, is blessed with many historical buildings, such as captains’ houses, which make up picturesque townscapes. Together with the attractions of sandy beaches, these quaint villages attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Ameland also has the ambitious goal to become self-sufficient in renewable energy. Our (practical) aim is to support local stakeholders with the design of energy transition strategies that take account of heritage values.
Theoretically, we rely on a layered framework, where meanings and values of individual buildings, townscapes, landscapes, local historical narratives, as well as economic and social values can find a place. In our project, we encountered value conflicts and will discuss how these conflicts can be resolved. In this respect, we refer to the concept of a value hierarchy.
We investigate heritage values held by inhabitants of Ameland. What aspects of their built environment do they value in particular? How are specific building types, historical townscapes and landscapes evaluated? What impact of energy measures and scenarios do they find acceptable? To this end, we developed an online questionnaire, which was distributed by local stakeholders. We found a range of heritage and sustainability values held by the inhabitants and stakeholders of Ameland.
In the discussion section we will return to the conflicting values in the Ameland case. We find that the presence of heritage values leads to the specification of conditions for the application of energy measures; these should be as invisible as possible. Thus, to combine the values of heritage and sustainability, setting norms and requirements for the implementation of new energy measures is advisable.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageErfgoed van commandeurs op de Waddeneilanden: waardering van erfgoed op drie ruimtelijke niveaus
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StatusSubmitted - 3 sep. 2020
EvenementEnergy Systems and Value Change - Delft, Netherlands
Duur: 15 okt. 202017 okt. 2020


WorkshopEnergy Systems and Value Change


  • erfgoed
  • ameland
  • energietransitie


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