The design process of an urban experience

Anne Nigten

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In this paper we will be investigating the relevance of artistic practice-based research as a design method for interactive co-design works. Our study is based on Are You for Real?, an urban co-creation project which was
developed by a cross-disciplinary project team with co-design contributions by students and youngsters. Although this case study was initially developed with and for youngsters and students of a technical vocational school, its design and creation approach addressed assumptions that are expected to be valuable for professionals as well as for educators in higher education. This study could contribute to people’s understanding of ‘real-life’ research methods for ‘real-life’ situations. For our reference framework we identified two issues that were brought forward as impediments for new cross-disciplinary courses that dealt
with interactive works in a public space. Following that, the lessons learned from our investigation are suggested as input for the next editions of these courses.
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StatusPublished - 2014


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