The corporate sustainability performance: financial performance link revisited

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    USE conference paper.
    Ever since the mid-1970s a multitude of studies linking corporate sustainability performance (CSP) measures and financial performance measures have been conducted. Until today a plethora of corporate sustainability performance measures heve been developed. A universally accepted CSP definition of construct does not (yet) exist. Since we don't exactley know what CSP entails, CSP measures should (at least) be considered conceptually flawed for that matter. These measures may measure CSP, but it cannot e excluded that other (overarching) phenomena are measured. There are leads suggesting that CSP measures are reflections or representations of corporate culture, suggesting that corporate culture drives FP. If so, managers should not focus on increasing CSP to boost FP, but create a high culture for sustainability If corporate culture drives financial performance, the investment community can also benefit through improving its decision making processes by including CSP measures that reflect corporate culture.
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    StatusPublished - okt. 2015
    Evenement3rd Understanding Small Enterprises (USE) Conference 2015 - Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, Netherlands
    Duur: 21 okt. 201523 okt. 2015
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    Conference3rd Understanding Small Enterprises (USE) Conference 2015
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