The big picture: the future role of gas

Bert Kiewiet, Maurice Vos, Henri C. Moll, René M.J. Benders, Gideon A.H. Laugs, Jan Hessels Miedema, Anu Manickam, Bart ter Veer, Hein Matthee

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There are a plethora of drivers of change in energy systems until 2015. The role of social and political actors is likely to be more noticeable. In Europe, locally, high-impact ideas like green consumerism and limited acceptance of energy systems that result in trade-offs will be important. Nationally, the empowerment of individuals and communities and the politicization of energy-related issues will be drivers of change. Internationally, energy issues will become more important in the foreign and security policies of state and non-state actors.
Originele taal-2English
UitgeverijEnergy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR)
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StatusPublished - 31 mrt. 2015


  • energiesystemen
  • energietransitie
  • geopolitiek
  • lokale politiek


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