Techno-economic modelling of biogas infrastructures: biogas transport in pipelines

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Biogas is produced from biomass by means of digestion. Treated to so-called ‘green gas’, it can replace natural gas. Alternatively, biogas can be used to produce electrical power and heat in a combined heat power (CHP) installation. In 2014 global biogas production was only 1% of natural gas production. In the future, biogas is expected to play a role in specific applications, e.g. to provide flexibility in electricity supply
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  • University of Groningen
  • van Gemert, Wim, Supervisor
  • Broekhuis, A.A., Supervisor, Externe Persoon
Datum van toekenning15 feb 2019
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StatusPublished - 15 feb 2019



  • biogas
  • energietransitie

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