Synthetic methane for power storage

G. Botta, Michael Barankin, S. Walspurger

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With increased share of energy generated from variable renewable sources, storage
becomes a critical issue to ensure constantly balanced supply/demand.
Methane is a promising vector for energy storage and transport.
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StatusPublished - 2013
EvenementDVGW/EDGaR Second Joint Conference on Gas Innovation and Sustainability: Gas Fuels Europe - DVGW Office, Brussels, Belgium
Duur: 28 nov 201329 nov 2013
Congresnummer: 2nd


ConferenceDVGW/EDGaR Second Joint Conference on Gas Innovation and Sustainability
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  • energie
  • ketenbeheer
  • logistiek
  • methaan
  • energieopslag
  • energietransport

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    Botta, G., Barankin, M., & Walspurger, S. (2013). Synthetic methane for power storage. Postersessie gepresenteerd op DVGW/EDGaR Second Joint Conference on Gas Innovation and Sustainability, Brussels, Belgium.