Surviving in the wild: sustaining design and social innovation initiatives in Asia-Pacific

Cyril Tjahja

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    In recent years, the importance of sustaining social innovation initiatives, once
    initiated, has gained increasing attention and, in particular, the role that design(ers) can play in this process. However, both the academic study and the practice of design and social innovation are currently lacking sufficient insight into how initiatives are sustained outside of experimental or academic settings and rarely move beyond the involvement of designers and/or researchers. The paper shares experiences from practitioners from Asia-Pacific that are operating in the real world, highlighting their precarious working conditions. The significance of building and maintaining healthy social relations in essential in this context, as these enable the weaving of a strong social fabric around the initiatives that will provide necessarily shelter and to endure long after the practitioners’ involvement. Therefore, facilitating the creation of meaningful social relations should be the key objective for design, instead of designing artefacts.
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    StatusPublished - 2021
    EvenementCumulus Roma 2021: Design Culture(s) - Sapienza University, Rome, Italy
    Duur: 8 jun. 202111 jun. 2021


    ConferenceCumulus Roma 2021
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    • sociale innovatie
    • vormgeving
    • hong kong
    • bangkok
    • kuala lumpur
    • thailand
    • maleisië
    • social relations
    • initatives


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