Space and organisation

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The space-organisation connection is a subject with which the facility management (FM) community has dealt with for a significant number of years. Perhaps the connection speaks for itself. In some cases the influence may be so self-evident that scientific evidence is unnecessary for human understanding. For instance, within facility design (Tompkins, White, Bozer & Tanchoco, 2010) it is evident that buildings cannot change the fundaments of the primary process of an organisation, but they most certainly can facilitate, hinder, or frustrate this system (Handler, 1970).
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TitelAdvancing knowledge in FM, 14th EuroFM Research Symposium
SubtitelPeople make facilities management
UitgeverijEuroFM: European Facility Management Network
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StatusPublished - 2015


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Mobach, M. P. (2015). Space and organisation. In Advancing knowledge in FM, 14th EuroFM Research Symposium: People make facilities management (blz. 183). EuroFM: European Facility Management Network.