S.O.S. Climate Waterfront: The Dutch Experience 2019-2023

Tineke van der Schoor (Editor), Fred Sanders, Karen Jonkers (Editor), Robert Niessen (Editor)

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    Sustainable Open Solutions Climate Waterfront is an interdisciplinary project that aims to explore waterfronts in Europe facing extreme situations under the threat of climate change, eg. heat, too much absent rain and sea level rise with all its consequences. The central goal is to exchange adaptive strategies for sustainable solutions for infrastructure and urban planning. The multidisciplinary perspective in cooperation with all possible partners, stakeholders and citizens, leads to a better understanding of the challenges and adaptation strategies.
    The participating parties are six coastal cities: Lisbon, Rome, Thessaloniki, Gdansk, Stockholm and the Amsterdam region. All these cities, except ‘Amsterdam’, are represented by a university. The Amsterdam area is represented by a multidisciplinary, educated but not necessarily academically employed delegation.
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    StatusPublished - 14 nov. 2023


    • klimaatverandering
    • duurzame oplossingen
    • Europa


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    • Sustainable strategies for heritage; towards a holistic valuation framework

      Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Duurzame strategieën voor erfgoed; naar een holistisch waarderingsraamwerkvan der Schoor, T. & Józekowski, J., 10 feb. 2023, (Submitted) SOS Climate Change Waterfronts. Ressano Garcia, P. (redactie). blz. 1-11 11 blz.

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