Some possible antecedents of military personnel organizational citizenship behavior

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Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) describes actions in which employees are willing to go above and beyond their prescribed role requirements. Little or no attention has been paid to the OCB from military perspective. The purpose of this article is to investigate job satisfaction, organizational commitment, organizational justice, and trust in supervisor as the potential antecedents of OCB in a military setting. The research hypotheses are tested using sample data collected from 301 military personnel. The proposed antecedents were positively related to OCB. Yet, hierarchical regression analysis reveals that job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and trust in supervisor account for unique variances in OCB of the military personnel. Implications for the theory and practice of OCB are discussed, limitations of the study are discussed, and future research directions offered.
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StatusPublished - 31 mrt. 2009
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  • werktevredenheid
  • militair personeel
  • organisatorisch gedrag
  • organisatiebetrokkenheid
  • gerechtigheid
  • vertrouwen (sociaal gedrag)
  • organisationeel burgerschapsgedrag


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