Solving housing shortages by transforming buildings in comfortable homes

Marjolein Overtoom, Mieke Oostra, Marja Elsinga, Philomena Bluyssen

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There is a shortage of housing and people with a lower income suffer most from this. Vacant buildings are transformed to provide quick housing for them, but it is not sure whether this provides a comfortable home, both from an indoor climate and a meaning making perspective. Existing material about completed transformation projects and six case studies was used to explore possible opportunities to improve the match of user and building. It appeared that buildings are only transformed when they are left vacant for a while and a new function shifts the investment balance. Also, higher quality housing was only provided when it was not meant to be temporary or meant to be sold instead of rented. Current regulations and standards are not met and appear not adequate to function for temporary transformation projects, and matching users and buildings including the meaning of home is an opportunity worth exploring to provide a comfortable home for everyone.
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StatusPublished - jul. 2017
EvenementHealthy Buildings Europe 2017 - Lublin, Poland
Duur: 2 jul. 20175 jul. 2017


ConferenceHealthy Buildings Europe 2017
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