Sistema de Transporte Autônomo Rodoviário por Ferrovias Virtuais

Rafael Peixoto Derenzi Vivacqua (Inventor), Raquel Frizera Vassallo (Inventor), Felipe Martins (Inventor)

Onderzoeksoutput: PatentProfessional

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The present invention refers to an autonomous road transport system based on autonomous vehicles operating similarly to trains on railways. In this system, a regular road vehicle, such as a car, bus or truck, can be properly equipped with sensors and computers to drive itself, guided by virtual tracks from one station to another. A virtual railroad is built from a set of stations connected by virtual rails. Virtual rails can be any type of technique or equipment capable of guiding the vehicle through the center of the road autonomously, such as advanced mapping and location techniques. The stations serve as a starting and stopping point for vehicles.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageAutonomous Road Transport System by Virtual Railways
Originele taal-2Portuguese
OctrooinummerBR 10 2014 021691-0
IPCG01C 21/26,G01D 1/02
StatusPublished - 17 mei 2022


  • autonome voertuigen
  • transportatie
  • virtuele spoorwegen


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