Share your talent – Move the world

Marca Wolfensberger, Lyndsay Drayer, Judith Volker

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The Research Centre for Talent Development in Higher Education and Society, based at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, organised the first international conference “Evoking Excellence in Higher Education and Beyond”. This conference brought together scholars and educators from around the world to share their work in promoting high-level learning experiences. Presenters discussed their research and practical efforts in honours programmes, gifted programmes, and other contexts aimed at evoking excellence. This book offers a selection of the work of those presenting at
this conference. Across six chapters, the following topics are discussed: teaching strategies, culture of excellence, students’ perspectives, professional excellence, ethics and intercultural perspectives, and giftedness across educational sectors. By this publication readers get a comprehensive view of the field of excellence in education as well as an overview for readers interested in setting-up initiatives to foster excellence among their own students and employees.
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TitelPursuit of excellence in a networked society
Subtiteltheoretical and practical approaches
RedacteurenMarca Wolfensberger, Lyndsay Drayer, Judith Volker
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StatusPublished - 2014


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