RoSoS-a free and open-source robot soccer simulator for educational robotics

Felipe N Martins, Ivan S Gomes, Carmen RF Santos

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The use of robots as educational tools provides a stimulating environment for students. Some robotics competitions focus on primary and secondary school aged children, and serve as motivation for students to get involved in educational robotics activities. Although very appealing, many students cannot participate on robotics competitions because they cannot afford robotics kits. Hence, several students have no access to educational robotics, especially on developing countries. To minimize this problem and contribute to education equality, we have created RoSoS Robot Soccer Simulator, in which students program virtual robots in a similar way that they would program their real ones. In this chapter we explain some technical details of RoSoS and discuss the implementation of a new league for the robotics competitions: Junior Soccer Simulation league (JSS). Because soccer is the most popular sport in the world, we believe JSS will be a strong motivator for students to get involved with robotics.
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TitelRobotics - 12th Latin American Robotics Symposium and Third Brazilian Symposium on Robotics, LARS 2015/SBR 2015, Revised Selected Papers
RedacteurenFernando Santos Osório, Rogério Sales Goncalves
StatusPublished - 2016

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ReeksCommunications in Computer and Information Science


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