Research results City ClimateScan Rotterdam

Rick Heikoop, Floris Boogaard

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This research involves the development of the City Scan methodology to measure, map, scan and assess different parameters that together give insight in the vulnerability of urban areas and neighborhoods. Cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable for climate change and there is an urgent need to become more resilient. The research involved the development of a set of measurement tools that can be applied in different urban neighborhoods in a lowcost low-tech approach with teams of stakeholders and practitioners. The city scan method was tested in different cities around the globe in groups of young professionals and
stakeholders in rapid urban appraisals.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - jun 2018
Evenement5th international climate change adaptation conference: Adaptation Futures 2018 Dialogues for solutions - Cape Town, South Africa
Duur: 18 jun 201821 jun 2018


Conference5th international climate change adaptation conference
LandSouth Africa
StadCape Town
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