Remote Labs Didactics

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This Work-in-Progress Innovate Practice Short Paper is concentrated around online teaching and learning and especially focused on the didactics in remote labs. In a remote lab, the lab equipment or instruments are geographically at another place than the student (and/or lecturer) himself. Learning will take place through the internet. Insights from online teaching and learning help to define what is needed in the special case of teaching and learning in remote labs. Feedback and interaction remain key factors for effective learning. Types of interaction in remote labs are: student-lecturer-, student-student-, student-content-, and student-interface interaction. These forms of interaction should be worked out when setting up a remote lab environment for students, taking online engagement into account. The purpose is to come with an overview of didactical methods for teaching- and learning in remote labs.
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StatusPublished - 4 dec. 2020
EvenementFrontiers in Education 2020: Education for a Sustainable Future - Uppsala, Sweden
Duur: 21 okt. 202024 nov. 2020


ConferenceFrontiers in Education 2020
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  • online onderwijs
  • hulpmiddelen
  • realtime systemen
  • instrumenten
  • engineering onderwijs
  • remote lab


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