Regional development and connectivity: a digital perspective

Koen Salemink, Dirk Strijker

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Both connectivity and accessibility are important for regional development. Places and communities need to be connected in order to be part of the wider economy, and people need to have access to places, other communities and labour markets to fully participate in society. In contemporary society, not only physical connectivity and accessibility but also digital connectivity plays an important role in the economic and social potential of regions. The relationship between them is also an important issue. This report discusses and assesses the role of physical and digital connectivity in the socioeconomic development of rural regions. In particular, we discuss issues concerning digital connectivity and rural development in remote rural areas within the North Sea Region.
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Opdrachtgevend orgaanUniversity of Groningen, Faculty of Spatial Science, Mansholt Chair for Rural Development
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StatusPublished - mrt. 2015


  • regionale ontwikkeling
  • economie


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