Recovery kinetics during a 3-day floorball tournament

Henrike van der Does, Michel Brink, Koen Lemmink

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During tournaments, team sport athletes are exposed to high physical loads due to a large number of games played within a few days. To perform well and prevent injuries, recovery in between these games is crucial. To monitor the recovery kinetics the Total Quality of Recovery (TQR) is suggested as a practical and useful tool (Kentta et al, 1998). The purpose of this study was to explore the feasibility and sensitivity of the TQR as a recovery monitoring tool during a 3-day floorball tournament. Methods Eleven elite Dutch female floorball athletes (age:24.3±4.8, length:171.5±9.1, weight:67.6±8.1) participated in a 3-day tournament. Their recovery was monitored with the TQR scale (6-20) (Kentta et al, 1998). All athletes were asked to rate their recovery each morning and every two hours including;1 hour prior to the game (pre-game), immediately after the game (post-game) and 2 hours post-game. Comparisons were made for the TQR at the beginning and end of the tournament as well as pre- vs. post-game.
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StatusPublished - jun 2013
Evenement18th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science: unifying sport science - Barcelona, Spain
Duur: 26 jun 201329 jun 2013


Conference18th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science
Verkorte titelECSS 2013
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