ReciproCity: Giving instead of Taking

Rob Roggema

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    The world is in disarray. Species are extinct, climates are changing, we are becoming unhealthier.
    To liberate ourselves from this doom scenario we need to take care of ourselves and our environment. The solutions of former generations offer no future solace. Moreover, these caused the current problems. Instead of exploiting our environment for energy, resources and capacity we need to increase the potential for the recuperation of the environment, the planet and our minds. Instead of taking, giving!
    The reciprocity of the urbanized land we live in should be our main objective. The professorship Spatial Transformations - Sustainability will therefore design and plan for our physical and mental
    city and surroundings. This way the city becomes a purification machine for polluted water and acts as a net carbon sink. The city becomes a source of biodiversity, transformed into an urban nature reserve. Food will be produced that extends our lives. And wouldn’t it be nice to see the city as a place for contemplation so our mental abilities can grow instead of vegetating in dull offices? The city should offer people a healthy life, replenish resources and be beautiful. The professorship contributes to educating a new generation finding extraordinary solutions for current problems. With creativity, initiative and a healthy dose of disobedience this must work!
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    StatusPublished - 2019


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