Psychometric evaluation of the D-Catch, an instrument to measure the accuracy of nursing documentation

Fabio D'Agostino, Claudio Barbaranelli, Wolter Paans, Romina Belsito, Raul Juarez Vela, Rosaria Alvaro, Ercole Vellone

Onderzoeksoutput: ArticleAcademicpeer review


PURPOSE: To evaluate the psychometric properties of the D-Catch instrument.

METHODS: A cross-sectional methodological study. Validity and reliability were estimated with confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and internal consistency and inter-rater reliability, respectively.

FINDINGS: A sample of 250 nursing documentations was selected. CFA showed the adequacy of a 1-factor model (chronologically descriptive accuracy) with an outlier item (nursing diagnosis accuracy). Internal consistency and inter-rater reliability were adequate.

CONCLUSIONS: The D-Catch is a valid and reliable instrument for measuring the accuracy of nursing documentation. Caution is needed when measuring diagnostic accuracy since only one item measures this dimension.

IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: The D-Catch can be used as an indicator of the accuracy of nursing documentation and the quality of nursing care.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)145-152
TijdschriftInternational journal of nursing knowledge
Nummer van het tijdschrift3
StatusPublished - 1 jul. 2017


  • verpleegkunde
  • documentatie
  • psychometrie


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