Promoting genealogy and local history collections using social media in Uganda

Andrea Stultiens, Agnes Namaganda Kanzira, Monica Naluwooza

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Academic libraries collect process and preserve and provide access to unique collections in
support of teaching, learning and research. Digitisation of local history collections has been
undertaken as a way to preserving fragile materials and promoting access. On the other had
social networking tools provide new ways of providing access to various collections to a
wider audience. The purpose of the study was to explore how local history collections are
promoted using social media in Uganda. An environmental scan of cultural heritage
institutions in Uganda with a social media initiative was conducted. A case study of History
In Progress Uganda project is reported in the paper. The project is chosen based on the level
of activity and ability to provide different approaches and practices in using social media
platforms. Findings revealed varying levels of activity. Nevertheless, there still exist
challenges of promoting access to local history collections. The paper offers insights into the
nature and scope of activity in promoting local history collections in Uganda.
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StatusPublished - 2016


  • genealogie
  • oeganda
  • fotografie
  • geschiedenis


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