Professional development of teaching staff for the international higher education environment

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The professional development of teaching staff in relation to the internationalisation of higher education institutions has not received the attention that it deserves from managers in higher education. This requires an HRM policy that explicitly addresses the issue of competence development of teaching staff in an international perspective. This paper will introduce the readers to the International Competences Matrix and the Intercultural Competence Learning Lab, two HRM tools that were developed at Hanze UAS and have both been awarded the status of Good Practice in Internationalisation by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This paper will also outline plans for the development of a professional development track for teaching staff in relation to the international higher education environment. The International Competences Matrix was developed in response to the need for a practical HRM tool which could serve to alert both teaching staff members and their superiors to the fact that working in an international environment requires new and additional competences and that training teaching staff in ‘weak’ competence areas may be necessary in order to make a university’s internationalisation policy a success. The introduction of the International Competences Matrix in the HRM interview cycle has been an incentive for the development of a range of personal and professional development options available to teaching staff members. The Intercultural Competence Learning Lab, for instance, represents an innovative approach to intercultural awareness training. The ICLL provides a safe environment for teaching staff for sharing intercultural (classroom) experiences or incidents, for critical reflection on experiences and current IC models, and for discussing self-development issues related to intercultural competence.
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