Power to methane: a promising new method for hydrogen delivery to methanogens results in more methane from biomass

Gert Hofstede, Jan Peter Nap, Folkert Faber, Ronald Wedema, Emile Apol, Kor Zwart, Jeroen Tideman

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Excess of renewable electricity from wind turbines or solar panels is used for electrolysis of water. To store this renewable energy as methane, the hydrogen is fed to an anaerobic digester to stimulate biological methanation by hydrogenotrophic methanogens. These work packages focus on the best ways for hydrogen delivery and the community changes in a biomethanation reactor as a result of hydrogen supply.
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StatusUnpublished - 4 jul. 2018
Evenementprojectmeeting BioP2Methane - EAE, Groningen, Netherlands
Duur: 4 jul. 20184 jul. 2018


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  • methaan
  • biomassa
  • hernieuwbare energie
  • waterstof

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