This study explores if multiple alterations of the classrooms' indoor environmental conditions, which lead to environmental conditions meeting quality class A of Dutch guidelines, result in a positive effect on students' perceptions and performance. A field study, with a between-group experimental design, was conducted during the academic course in 2020–2021. First, the reverberation time (RT) was lowered in the intervention condition to 0.4 s (control condition 0.6 s). Next, the horizontal illuminance (HI) level was raised in the intervention condition to 750 lx (control condition 500 lx). Finally, the indoor air quality (IAQ) in both conditions was improved by increasing the ventilation rate, resulting in a reduction of carbon dioxide concentrations, as a proxy for IAQ, from ~1100 to
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TijdschriftScience of the Total Environment
Nummer van het tijdschrift161813
StatusPublished - 25 apr. 2023


  • emotionele status
  • gezondheid
  • horizontale verlichting
  • kwaliteit van binnenlucht
  • kwaliteit van leren
  • nagalmtijd


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