In order to overcome cancer-related problems and to improve quality of life, an intensive multi-focus rehabilitation programme for cancer patients was developed. We hypothesised that this six-week intensive rehabilitation programme would result in physiological improvements and improvement in quality of life. Thirty-four patients with cancer-related physical and psychosocial problems were the subjects of a prospective observational study. A six-week intensive multi-focus rehabilitation programme consisted of four components: individual exercise, sports, psycho-education, and information. Measurements (symptom-limited bicycle ergometry performance, muscle force and quality of life [RAND-36, RSCL, MFI]) were performed before (T0) and after six weeks of rehabilitation (T1). After the intensive rehabilitation programme, statistically significant improvements were found in symptom-limited bicycle ergometry performance, muscle force, and several domains of the RAND-36, RSCL and MFI. The six-week intensive multi-focus rehabilitation programme had immediate beneficial effects on physiological variables, on quality of life and on fatigue.

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Pagina's (van-tot)27-35
TijdschriftInternational Journal of Rehabilitation Research
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StatusPublished - mrt. 2004


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