Panasonic: a case study on constant change and reinvention of a world brand

Uli Mathies

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    Panasonic’s nearly one hunderd-year history can be divided into several phases. The constant factor in Panasonic’s history was—and is—change. And this may also contain the simple answer to the question about Panasonic’s secret of success: the ability to transform as required by an ever-changing environment, the willingness to keep developing, and the openness to learn and take risks have been engrained in the company’s collective memory. Giving up is not an option, and the only way out is the way forward. Therefore it can be boldly concluded that Panasonic as a corporation will still exist 50 years from now, and maybe even a 100 years from now. The company may look differently, produce different products or services, and market them in a completely different way, but chances are high that Panasonic will still be a major player in the domestic and global markets.
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