Navigating power relations in a collaborative music practice in a hospital

Karolien Dons, Helena Gaunt

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This chapter focuses on some of the opportunities and challenges of shifting power relations for musicians, through the particular lens of western classical musicians engaged in researching a participatory music practice in a hospital in the Netherlands. It provides some context to power relations in the field of professional music making. From such a holistic perspective, power relations that musicians experience are likely to shift as they move from the conventions of the concert stage to the context of a hospital ward. Power relations in the western classical music tradition, and professional education associated with it, are clearly strongly embedded within the cultural systems, albeit often at tacit levels and partly obscured by a dominating focus on “artistic quality”. The co-existence of such authorial and collaborative strategies to help steer through the power relations appears throughout the rest of the visit, to the point where it is hard to distinguish between them.
Originele taal-2English
TitelA changing game: expanding professionalism in music and higher music education
RedacteurenHeidi Westerlund, Helena Gaunt
UitgeverijRoutledge/Taylor & Francis
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ISBN van geprinte versie9780367622046
StatusPublished - 2021


  • muziek
  • professionele musici
  • ethiek
  • interpersoonlijke relaties
  • gezondheid


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