Music educators: their artistry and self-confidence

Brigitte Lion-Slovak, Christine Stöger, Rineke Smilde

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How does artistic identity influence the self-confidence of music educators? What is the interconnection between the artistic and the teacher identity? What is actually meant by artistic identity in music education? What is a fruitful environment for the development of artistic self-confidence of music educators and how can institutions contribute to that? This article reflects on these questions from various angles. Brigitte Lion goes into aspects of self-confidence based on her research and experiences in coaching young teachers. In her address, Christine Stöger establishes a link between gaining self-confidence and positive experiences in the artistic area, making the case for a ‘third space’ where interconnections can occur on the cutting edge of artistic performance and pedagogy. Rineke Smilde finally, discusses the question what gaining self-confidence and displaying one’s artistry as a music educator requires of the learning environment in the institutions that train future music educators.
Originele taal-2English
TitelEuropean Perspectives on Music Education, Vol. 2
RedacteurenIsolde Malmberg, Adri de Vugt
Plaats van productieInnsbruck
Aantal pagina's10
ISBN van geprinte versie9783850619813
StatusPublished - 2013


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    Lion-Slovak, B., Stöger, C., & Smilde, R. (2013). Music educators: their artistry and self-confidence. In I. Malmberg, & A. de Vugt (editors), European Perspectives on Music Education, Vol. 2: Artistry (Vol. 2). Helbling.