Move Healthy Intellectual Output 1 Report: Mapping Report

Anne Benjaminse, Johan de Jong, Remo Mombarg

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One reason for non-participation in and drop-out from sports and physical activity participation is sports related injuries where especially knee and ankle injuries contribute to this problem. Therefore, the project MOVE HEALTHY: Improving Health and Sustaining Participation of Youngsters in Sports around Europe seeks to develop free-of-charge education material to effectively support sport coaches and physical educators around Europe to prevent primary lower extremity injuries of the youngsters participating in their sport trainings and physical education (PE) classes.
Therefore, MOVE HEALTHY seeks to develop exercise based routines to prevent
sports and physical activity related injuries. The routines will be web-based including instruction videos. The routines will be based on the OPTIMAL motor learning theory and Self Determination Theory. It is intended that the consortium develops – by the process of co-creation with sport coaches and PE teachers – functional sports exercises that can be integrated in real world sport training and PE classes. With it, the project directly contributes to an improved sharing of good practices and develops innovative instruments in order to lower the risks of injuries and enhance sports participation in youngsters.
The objective is to improve the motor competence of the youngsters, as well as to
attitudinal and behavioral changes of the sport coaches and PE teachers during their practice. The ultimate goal of the MOVE HEALTHY project is that the youngsters can enjoy a lifelong, healthy sport participation
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StatusPublished - 2022


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