Modern Times in Point of Care Diagnostics

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This chapter describes the growing influence of point-of-care diagnostics (POCD) on the daily lives of citizens, their immediate families, and healthcare providers. With a view to the future, the most important contemporary developments in this field are discussed, such as noninvasive sensor technology in the diagnostic process, practical examples of point-of-care diagnostics (POCD), including the quantify-self movement and infrared technology. Cost-effectiveness, adoption of POCD, and the contribution of POCD innovations to self-management and health literacy are also discussed. Developments in which deep learning and artificial intelligence are used to make the diagnostic results more reliable are also conferred, such as the development of point-of-care Internet diagnostics. The discussion of professional advice dilemma’s in POCD, the patient’s appreciation of POCD, and ethical and philosophical considerations conclude this chapter.
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SubtitelTrends and Developments
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StatusPublished - 28 jan. 2023


  • diagnostiek op het zorgpunt
  • sneltest
  • zelfkwantificeren
  • diagnostische technologie
  • zelfmanagement
  • infrarood diagnostiek
  • internet diagnostiek
  • adoptie


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