Lifelong learning for professional musicians

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In order to meet the challenges of rapidly changing cultural life in the 21st century, professional musicians have to be lifelong learners, drawing on a wide range of knowledge and skills. To be successful in a variety of roles, they need a reflective and responsive attitude to change.
This chapter addresses the concept of lifelong learning and its meaning for professional musicians, as well as the ways institutions and teachers can facilitate attitudes and capacities for lifelong learning. A biographical perspective will provide a lens through which concepts of lifelong learning can be seen through the interconnection of musicians' personal and professional development. Lifelong learning in the aggregate complex of music education, (i.e., educational organizations and learning environments, teachers, students, and graduates) is especially relevant and will be addressed. The chapter finishes with some recommendations related to implementing the concept of lifelong learning in music education.
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TitelOxford handbook of music education
RedacteurenG. McPherson, G. Welsh
UitgeverijOxford University Press (New York)
StatusPublished - 2012


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    Smilde, R. (2012). Lifelong learning for professional musicians. In G. McPherson, & G. Welsh (editors), Oxford handbook of music education (Vol. 2). Oxford University Press (New York).