LIBBIO: Anbau Anden-Lupine für Bio-Ekonomie

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The LIBBIO project is about researching the potential of Andes Lupin for breeding cropping and biorefinery. 14 partners from 8 different EU countries cooperate together. Hanze University of Applied Sciences is technical-scientific coordinator of this 5 mio€ project. Project duration is from 2016 to 2020
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StatusPublished - 21 jun 2017
EvenementÖko-Feldtage State Domain Frankenhausen - State Domain Frankenhausen, Frankenhausen, Germany
Duur: 21 jun 201722 jun 2017


ExhibitionÖko-Feldtage State Domain Frankenhausen
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    van Haren, R. J. F. (2017). LIBBIO: Anbau Anden-Lupine für Bio-Ekonomie. Postersessie gepresenteerd op Öko-Feldtage State Domain Frankenhausen , Frankenhausen, Germany.