Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change: A dialogue about art, learning and sustainability

Natalia Eernstman, Jan Van Boeckel, Shelley Sacks, Misha Myers

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To effectively grasp and address sustainability challenges, this chapter argues that we need to expand our predominantly logocentric and linear ways of knowing with more presentational, embodied and sensory means. The chapter traces an exploration of this position through a dialogue between four academic, artistic practitioners. It proposes the integration of art in (learning) processes for sustainability as a means to hold ambiguity, embrace the unknown and move ahead despite uncertainty. Art is introduced as a process that inherently and purposefully accepts and deploys (rather than minimizes) the latter elements. The authors subsequently touch upon a range of features of artistic processes that foster the emergence of these elements: i.e. imagination, connection, embodiment and estrangement. Some of which might inspire educators, academics, decision-makers and activist to adopt a more aesthetic, connective mode of experiencing, thinking and doing. Thereby holding a space and generating the conditions for active, connective and imaginative making rather than routinely adopting the ready-made.
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TitelLearning for sustainability in times of accelerating change
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UitgeverijWageningen Academic Publishers
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StatusPublished - 2 apr. 2012


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