Keep the best of your life

Andrea Stultiens (Photographer)

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Keep the Best of Your Life (for the Rest of Your Life) is part Making Oneself ‘a twofold exhibition of both historical investigations and contemporary showcases of photo studio practises in South and Southeast Asia and Uganda.’ ‘Making Oneself’ was one exhibitions of the Noorderlicht Photo festival 2015.

The South and Southeast Asia part of the show on the ground floor was curated by Alexander Supartono, while the Ugandan bit in the basement was put together by me and includes historical photographs by Musa Katuramu, Elly Rwakoma, William Kayamba and Mzee Edward Lule. And contemporary images by Rumanzi Canon, Papa Shabani, Arthur Kisitu and photographic documentation that I made of 6 photo studio’s in northern Ugandan town Kitgum in 2011.

What I tried to do with the exhibition is to show the power of the photographic portrait as a way to present yourself and to control in which you will remember former selves and be remembered by others.
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StatusPublished - aug. 2015


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