Innovative solutions for local energy systems, a transdisciplinary approach

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Our contribution draws on a current research project on innovative community energy services in the Netherlands. We investigated if and how local energy communities could contribute to balancing the grid, helping to prevent net congestion. We identified new types of actor constellations managed by CECs, which can be interpreted as elements of a decentralized energy system with variable energy clusters.
General question of this research is what roles renewable energy communities can play in the energy system, now this system is transforming towards a renewable energy system? What actor constellations are emerging in the field? On a more concrete level, our question is what solutions are available to store produced electricity or to balance electricity on a neighborhood level. We also want to know if these solutions are economically feasible.
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StatusAccepted/In press - 9 mei 2024


  • innovatieve oplossingen
  • lokale energiesystemen
  • transdisciplinaire aanpak


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