Improvisation and identity: a biographical perspective

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Seeing improvisation as something that really needs its place in conservatoire training and education may be more or less ‘new’. However improvisation itself is of course not at all new and has existed since as long as we can remember. I will not go into that any further, it would take not a single address but a symposium of at least two weeks.
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TitelEuropean Impro Intensive 2013
StatusPublished - nov 2013
EvenementERASMUS European Impro Intensive 2013 Seminar: “Improvisation and Today’s Concert Practice” - Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, Netherlands
Duur: 30 okt 20138 nov 2013


SeminarERASMUS European Impro Intensive 2013 Seminar
StadThe Hague
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  • improvisatie
  • muziek
  • identiteit

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