How SMEs use industrial property rights (IP) within SME value chains

Anne Staal

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    Draft research proposal; 20 JAN 2013. Preliminary proposal for a 3 (max 4) year research project leading to a PhD. In preparation for the WION workshops on Advanced Purchasing Research and to be worked out in more detail as a PhD research proposal before MAY 2013. The research objective is to find out: How innovating SMEs can best use Industrial Property Rights (patents) within value chains with their (SME) suppliers and their (SME) customers, what are best practices and improvement areas, what is a suitable theoretical framework, how can enterprises, business researchers & practitioners benefit from applying this framework.
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    StatusPublished - 20 jan. 2013


    • strategisch inkoopmanagement
    • technologische innovatie
    • midden- en kleinbedrijf
    • productontwikkeling
    • industriële eigendom
    • eigendomsrecht


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