Honors in Europe - getting to work: practical lessons for educators

Marca Wolfensberger, Maarten Hogenstijn

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This brochure is one of the results of the research project Honors in Europe at the Research Centre for
Talent Development in Higher Education and Society at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in
the Netherlands. It is based on the book Talent Development in European Higher Education – Honors programs in the Benelux, Nordic and German-speaking countries by Marca Wolfensberger, published in open
access in 2015 at Springer Open. The book can be downloaded freely through www.honorsineurope.com.
The brochure was prepared in cooperation with the European Honors Council (www.honorscouncil.eu).
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UitgeverijHanze University of Applied Sciences
Opdrachtgevend orgaanEuropean Honors Council
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StatusPublished - 2016


  • honoursonderwijs
  • talentontwikkeling
  • hoger onderwijs


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